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Sleep Supplements - What's a better alternative?

Sleep Supplements - What's a better alternative?

In this article, we will discuss how understanding your sleep patterns is critical to helping you improve your sleep alongside sleeping supplements you are currently taking or are considering to take. 

It's Dr Waseem here.

I've got a surprising fact to share with you.

Can you recall the last time you couldn't sleep at night and you lay in bed tossing and turning in frustration? These attempts to sleep can actually make you sleep less!

Sounds surprising? How can trying to sleep cause us to sleep less?

Well, sleep is a natural state for your body to enter at night. When you are feeling frustrated at not sleeping, your subconscious mind and body senses that sleep is a threat or danger to you and it should keep it away.

Your pupils dilate, blood flows to your muscles and you law wide awake. Your body is in an aroused state. This is called sympathetic nervous system activation.

The reality is that this is a good thing! Because when your body senses a true danger, such as a car coming towards you on the wrong lane, and your life is at risk, you want to be wide awake to take action.

You don't want to be asleep in that situation.

The problem is that sleep is not a threat, but by resisting it, your body makes it out to be a threat.

Your body is wired in it's primitive origins, wired to help you survive.  Your conscious mind knows better but your body does not seem to respond.

While that sounds interesting, the question is what can you do about it?

how to let go and sleep at night

Why should you use plant-based treatments for sleep?

Because plant based is better for your health. And because sleeping tablets can also be addictive and are not a sustainable long term solution.

I've seen countless people start a sleeping tablet due to a rough patch in their lives, only to be find themselves taking the medicines for months and years on end.

Please don't be the next one. Know that if you are struggling with your sleep, there are effective plant based products that you can use.


What's the solution to unlocking restful sleep at night?  

The turning point for your sleep at night will be finding the inner peace and balance to be accepting of your poor sleep.

This may sound like you are giving up but it's not.

A new wave of research and evidence is pointing towards in favour of this approach which is called acceptance therapy.

The idea being that you may experience an unpleasant feeling (in this case sleep deprivation) but accepting wholeheartedly that feeling as being an imperfect state of being but one that you are OK with.

I describe it to others as if you felt inner peace and contentment towards something unpleasant. Forgiveness for everything it has taken away from you and acceptance of where you are at. 

Your primitive subconscious mind (whose primary purpose is to keep you alive) then realises that sleep is not an enemy. Naturally, you may find yourself sleeping better.

Once people truly grasp this concept, it can literally change your life.

 improving sleep with the acceptance approach


How a special sleeping supplement can help improve your routine? 

How a special sleeping supplement can help improve your routine? 

Let me introduce to a Terpene. 


Terpenes are super compounds! It's what gives various plants and foods their distinctive aroma.

Canna is well known for being super rich in these terpene compounds and why so many people find medical relief from using it.

But the reality is that they are found in many other plants also.

Your body also has an entire hormonal system inside that responds to these compounds, called the endocannabinoid system. It regulates what we term as "homeostasis" - in other others, the balance of your body

This balance is critical. When you feel calm, relaxed and at peace, then your body is in balance.

Terpenes work on this hormonal system to exert their therapeutic effects.


What's so special about terpenes?

The remarkable thing is that different terpenes can have a different effect on the body. Some have unique sleep promoting effects.

In Florx, i've selected a blend of 13 terpenes that have shown evidence to help make you feel sleepy and stay asleep. It's 100% plant based and effective.

I hope this has been an interesting read for you. Share with me your experiences on improving you sleeping routines using supplements or natural alternatives today.

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