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We believe plant-based treatments are important.

For thousands of years, plants have been used to treat symptoms, alleviate illnesses, and better day-to-day functioning. But since the rise of pharmaceutical medicine, plant-based treatments have been side-lined. 

Florx aims to connect centuries of wisdom with modern science to use plant-based treatments to revolutionise the health space. Our team of passionate doctors and scientists believe plants are an important part of modern healthcare to improve your state of wellbeing.

Proudly NZ owned and operated, we believe in 100% plant-based products. We can't wait for you to try our products. We know you'll love them as much as we do!

Florx - a new era of health

At Florx, we believe in the power of plant based products. We embarked on this journey to lead the introduction of plant based product back into healthcare and bring you effective clinical products that can directly improve the quality of your life.

We believe in plant-based

Plants have been used to treat symptoms, alleviate illnesses, and promote better day-to-day functioning for thousands of years. It's time to use them to balance pharmaceutical use and bring better health to all.

Backed by a team of clinicians

Our team of clinicians and scientists believe that your health plan must incorporate plant-based options for the best care and results. Instead of, or alongside, conventional medications.

We believe in effectiveness

We pick apart generational information and do the science to back it up. By bringing science and plants together, we create effective products that work for your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

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Let's travel back sixty thousand years

Sixty thousand years ago, plant-based and herbal medicine was the only way to treat illness or injury. Today, even with all modern pharmaceuticals offer, many still contain herbal extracts.

Many medicines that we use today have been developed on the basis of plant ingredients. For example, the common product Aspirin is based on an extract from Willowbark.

With the rise of pharmaceuticals, plant-based treatments have been living in the shadows. It's time to shine the light on the power of plants - proven by science - and harness the power of nature!


Our products work. Your quality of life as at the heart of what we do. Our team of doctors have selected ingredients to help support your wellbeing. 

100% Plant-Based.

100% vegan & plant based. Because plants haven an important role in your healthcare. You'll never find lab-made substances or artificial ingredients in Florx products.


Our products and ingredients have been selected by our doctors based on the results of years of scientific research.

Florx Deep Sleep

It's time to rest & recover, naturally.

Developed in New Zealand, our unique Deep Sleep formula harnesses the power of plants! Created with scientifically-studied, plant-based ingredients. So you know you have a product that will support you!

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